Yesterday was the most powerful full moon of the year and it was celebrated with sweet milk. The children and all people in India who belong to Hinduism yesterday celebrated the goddess Lakshmi. Our children and older people also celebrated this festival in our NGO Prerana. We received a donation from Purnima from Germany, from which we bought the milk. Thank you so much.

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of happiness, love, fertility, prosperity, health and beauty, not only a donor of wealth, but also of spiritual well-being, of harmony, of abundance and abundance, protector of plants. She is the Shakti, the sustaining power of Vishnu, and his wife. For the Srivaishnavas, she is the mediator between Vishnu and the people, who intercedes for her followers with her husband. In the Pancatantras, she is the object of highest veneration, and not Vishnu. There the god carries out the commands of the goddess, who appears as the actual creator of the universe. She is consistently associated with positive qualities and is considered a benevolent and merciful goddess.

Oktober 14, 2019