Corona virus and Lockdown, part 2

Once again Prerana ngo , solapur could help and provided grocery kits to 100 poor labour’s family into Solapur city. In this, we got finacial help from Inki4help e.v, Germany team . Specially thanks to Mr.Prasad Chaudhary, Purnima Das and her family , Rina Ernst, her parents,her sister family and friends group member who did lot of help for grocery kits ( 10 items )Regards and great greetings to Purnima Das and Rina Ernst‘ parents from Prerana NGO, team. In this we did not forgot to My great friend , our well wisher Mrs Ulli Hilgers, without her hard work , it was not possible . Also we are thankful to Mr.Bhabure sir, Mr.Maynal sir, Mr.Vanga sir , Mrs.Neha Mirjakar madam and NGO boy Manoj Sarwade and Sagar Shirkul

Mai 19, 2020