Help for 30 older people

Prerana NGO, Solapur has worked in Solapur for 6 years for child rearing and personal development in the slums. In this context, the NGO Prerana also works for elders to provide the elderly in slums with food, clothing and emergency services. Since last month, Mr. Sanjay Adhav Sir and his family and friends have been helping the 30 elders of our Prerana NGO with monthly grocery packages. With this help, our elders are very happy and satisfied that they receive monthly food, Thank you very much and a great greeting from our elders to Mr. Sanjay Adhav, Mrs. Ulrike Hilgers, Mr. Pramod Lele, Mr. Yogesh Sawant, Mrs. Jyoti Dudhane, Mr. Vishal Dudhane, Mr. Rahul Shekatkar, Mr. Shared Sharad Mankar, Ms. Aprana Karanjkar, Ms. Mukta Mr. Suresh Joshi, Mr. Aniruddha Menavlikar, Mr. Harshall Sangale, Mr. Rajiv Phadtare, Ms. Swati Kulkarni, Mr. Kranti Adhav and Mr. Dhaval Adhav

Mai 19, 2020