PRERANA Kids, always busy, With study, with games,with plant, with to make handcrafts, with cricket, and now with puzzle games. Daily, they are learning new thing with new days.We know coz of Corona and strictly Lockdown situation is very bad , not only for poor people ,but all world fighting with it. But our kids […]

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Juni 22, 2020

Pencil plants

PRERANA`s children planted pencil plants like coriander, fenugreek, chilli, tomato, mustard and other small plants in front of the garden. In the end, these pens contain seeds that are later planted in the ground when the pen has been used up. The pens are made of organic material and Ulli from Inki4help (Germany) bought us […]

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Juni 15, 2020

Child marriage

लाॅकडाॅऊन चा काळ व वाढते बालविवाहाचे प्रमाण! या विषयासंर्दभात माझे मत मांडण्याची संधी दिल्याबाबत , दिव्य मराठीच्या पत्रकार , अश्विनीताई तडवळकर व संपूर्ण टीमचे मनपूर्वक धन्यवाद

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Juni 15, 2020

Help to 40 poor family

Once again , Prerana NGO , Solapur could help to 40 poor family with grocery , food packets in Kegaon, Solapur. Thanks to Mrs. Madhuri Goydani with family and her friends participated in this program and did help. As them wish, we could not take photo of this program. Great salute to Goyadani Family and […]

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Juni 1, 2020