Computer Course

Professional courses are very imp to each, and Prerana team also give chance to make bright future to each child. Totally after 6 months, Prerana NGO, girls joining them computer course classes. Hope and wish , it will be continue,nowour children have need more fianacial help and support for like this courses. It will be […]

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Oktober 18, 2020

Blood Donate

Our pramila is great thankfully to this patient, who has need urgently blood! She could do, then YOU CAN DO ALSO Pls donate Blood and save life, one of the human

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Oktober 18, 2020

Sunday Sanskar Class

Kids with drawing and Pencil plant. Thanks to Ulli Hilgers for Pencils. You get pic of this pencil plant with growing after some days

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Oktober 4, 2020

donation packages

A few days ago we received two donation packages from inki4help e.v. from Germany. Many thanks for that.

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Oktober 4, 2020