‚Tailoring training‘

Prerana ngo, Solapur, giving chance and providing ‚Tailoring training‘ to slum area’s girls and poor, widow, divorces women.You can help for this course fees, tailoring materials and row materials for practice in traning time.Also we have need 5 Tailoring machines for our 5 girls . Pls do help and make bright future of our girls […]

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Februar 21, 2021

„आम्ही साविञीच्या लेकी,“ पुस्तक प्रकाशन सोहळा!

Publication Program of, „Daughters of Savitribai Phule“It was very memorable program, for us. It is novel about Solapur cities 15 ladies history and them work. Pls visit http://solapurviralnews.com/kulguru-dr-mrunalini-phadvanis-news/

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Februar 9, 2021

school started

All school started now, with focus on study. Also prerana classes running in all areaBut today is Sunday class without books and notebooks. But our kids are very sincere see, today also not enjoying with any game or any drama.They are very busy with study book and notebooksI am feeling proudly about our kids and […]

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Februar 7, 2021

computer courses

Once again new Prerana NGO, Solapur Girls joining professional computer courses. With school education , professional education is very important.We have need more help for this courses fees. Pls do help to our girls and make bright future of them

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Februar 7, 2021