This is the story of Gangabai Naikwadi

This is the story of Gangabai Naikwadi, a woman who no longer exists in this worldGangabai was living with her family in a backward area of ​​Kondanagar, Solapur. Her family of mother, father, husband, two sons and two daughters used to live in a rented room.But for the last two years she has always been sick, so the landlord took her out of the house with her belongings. The people around didn’t help either and the family took to the streets.No one noticed this but after the lockdown everyone stayed at home and Gangabai’s family came for shelter under the bridge under construction. Sick Ganga, four children, parents and husband were all living in the open, but no one noticed. She didn’t get any food and she died in the process. In the end, she became a victim of government policy like GolthanTell the uncle who kicked us out of the house, Our mother is crying for help to get us back, her eldest daughter was crying and the little boy doesn’t even know that his mother is not in this world Is giving.When this news was published in the newspaper, many people from Solapur visited the family and helped as much as they could. Some gave food, some gave money but this was not the end of the story. They needed to get a house. It would be convenient to keep them in a hostel but in our view those children felt safer in the family than in the ashram or hostel and they needed to get a houseLuckily for him or her, a man agreed to rent a house and one of them paid the rent for the first three months, and it is expected that Ganga’s husband will pay for it in the near future!Prerna Sanstha has borne the educational expenses of all the four children of Ganga. Initially, the girls and boys of Ganga were given office books, notebooks, color books and color pencils and toys.Today, the family has moved to a smaller room, which is not rented.But Ganga had to lose her life to make the society aware of this, what could be a greater misfortune than this?Pramila

April 29, 2021