Summercamp 2

„PRERANA SUMMER CAMP“ FOOT PRINT AND BALLOON GAMESvery funny and also body exercise game. All kids enjoyed also them parents too

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Mai 25, 2021


With taking precautions, now PRERANA SUMMER CAMP startedColorful Rangoli , it is part of this summer campThanks to all participants

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Mai 16, 2021

Food Package 2

Again more 25 poor and needy families got groceries kits for 25 days from ‚Prerana NGO, Solapur,with help and support from „Inki4help e v,.“ Thanks a lot of Ulli Hilgers and Team

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Mai 13, 2021

sewing machines

In March we received a donation from Inkihelp e.V for 2 sewing machines. These could now be handed over to 2 girls. You were very happy about it and can now support your family financially.Many thanks to inki4help e.V

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Mai 13, 2021

Food package 1

Thanks to Ulli Hilgers and Inki4help e v team for helping. With this help , we could help to our poor and needy family. In this Corona situation and strictly lockdown , people are facing more of problems, in this period , we have getting help from Inki4help e v. for the poor and needy […]

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Mai 13, 2021


We are proud of our student Swati Bansode, who are taking training of ANM course and doing work and duty in this field.Specially she are taking care of elders in covid situation Well done Swati

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Mai 13, 2021