Once again in new area’s kids got “ Prerana Summer Camp“ gifts to more kids

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Juni 15, 2021

Summercamp 5

On 10.6 we celebrated “ PRERANA NGO, SUMMER CAMP“ prize distribution program with area kids. From last one month, we arranged summer camp program in each area, with Corona rulez following. In this we arranged like making craft competition, reading , writing, sack jump, running, lemon spoon, rangoli, throw rings, drawing so and so program […]

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Juni 13, 2021

Groceries Donations

Thanks to you all, with your help today we could help and could provide monthly groceries to our more elders woman and poor and needy peopleIn this wheat Aata, rice, trudal, mugdal, tea powder,suger, oil packets, besan, rava, bath soap,cloth soap, chilly powder and some imp kitchen materials Thanks to all Pramila Ubale PRERANA NGO, […]

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Juni 13, 2021

Notebooks 2

Once again today , PRERANA NGO’S kids got education kits for them self study. Thanks to Ulli Hilgers and Inki4help e v . team and local donor Mr. Girish Bhambure sir We have need more help for purchase education kits for our 100 kidsLike notebooks, campass material, textbooks, pens, pencils, eraser, cutter, etc So pls […]

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Juni 5, 2021