Summercamp 5

On 10.6 we celebrated “ PRERANA NGO, SUMMER CAMP“ prize distribution program with area kids. From last one month, we arranged summer camp program in each area, with Corona rulez following. In this we arranged like making craft competition, reading , writing, sack jump, running, lemon spoon, rangoli, throw rings, drawing so and so program we arranged in all area. And today , was prize distribution day, very special day for our kids and also surprised for them parents. All kids enjoyed with more of gifts and full snacks, samosa, cakes and chocolates. Secially Thanks to program guest Mr. and Mrs Gaikwad and Mrs.Anjanatai Gaikwad mam. Coz of this lovely guest , our kids got new direction, new thought, and more knowledge for them coming educational future. With this specially I had also got surprise gift from my lovely kids, it was very amazing for me.

Thanks to you all dear🙏🏽

Pramila Ubale PRERANA NGO Solapur

Juni 13, 2021