„KrantiSurya Savitribai Phule“

PRERANA KIDS Celebrated , „KrantiSurya Savitribai Phule“ Birthday Anniversary First lady Teacher and Principal of Girls school. She started the First Girls School in India.“ साविञीबाई फुले“ यांना विनम्र अभिवादन Girls are in Savitribai Phule gate up

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Januar 10, 2022

5 happy women

Sabrina Trovato from the inki4help team from Germany started an appeal for donations on TikTok and we raised an impressive 400, – €, of which we were able to order 5 sewing machines. These 5 sewing machines arrived a few days ago and could be handed over to 5 women.You can see who the lucky […]

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Januar 10, 2022