About us

We invite you to take some Time to enjoy our Homepage.

Here we present our Work that we do every Day to help Children, Adolescents, their Families and the Elders.

We are just one of many NGOS in India to help the poor. Unfortunately, they are not as good as we are and the Children in the Slums thank us every Day with a Smile that you can go to School and get the Chance for a better life.

Our founder Pramila Ubale and her Parents been living in Solapur for many Years. From a young age she saw the misery and poverty in her City. She decided to go to Ahmednager and lived in Snehalaya for a few Years. There she got a Training and learned everything to open her own NGO. Pramila learned 2013 Ulrike Hilgers from Germany know. They became Friends and helped each other.

In 2014 she had to go back to Solapur because she had to take care of her Parents. She thought about what she could do and founded with the help of our Team, her own NGO. This gave you the name Prerana and is also located here in Solapur and is a Non-Governmental-Organization.

In 2014, Pramila inaugurated a piece of Land where later a School and a retirement Home will be built. The inauguration included Ulrike Hilgers, Astrid Hannemann from Germany and Sanjay Adhav.

We help People in need and stand up for their rights. The whole Team is politically and religiously neutral. We go to the Slums and give Workshops for Education and Information about Diseases. We also help them to get Medical care.

All year round, we also celebrate all Festivals: Diwali, Women’s Day, Independence Day and even Christmas, as it is celebrated in Germany. The Children are always looking forward to it.

Our mission:

*Opportunities for School Education

*Help for the Education

*Computer lessons for Girls

*Cildrengarden for the little ones

*Care for the elderly

*Parental work in the Slums

*Promotion in health care

*Assisting women in the Manufacture and sale of their Handicrafts