We help the Cildren

In the Slums of Solapur, we tell Children and Parents how important Education is. That one has a better life if one can read and write, and thereby find a Job better.

We advise Children, Parents and Teachers on how to achieve growth and Progress in the Education of Children. We provide Information about the Various School and Vocational training. We Organize in the Groups, exchange of experiences why an Education is also important for Girls. Education and Study are shown in Films, Stories are told and motivational Games are played with the Children.

We give each Child the chance to go to School, where they can Learn or give lessons Themselves. The Children get the chance to Participate in Computer lessons.

For a Child who goes to School, you need the following Materials:

Pens, Pencils, Notebooks, Crayons, School Uniforms, School Bags and Shoes.