Signal for Help

This international hand sign for „I need help, I’m in danger“ was sent to us by the inki4help team from Germany.

They taught us how it works and our Pramila is now teaching the children, women and men so that they know who needs help when and when.

The info pictures are hung up in the schools so that the children never forget how to make these hand signals and can also show it to other children, women and men. This is particularly important in India, as violence and rape occur almost every day, especially in the slums and villages.

Many there still live the old tradition of their ancestors, where the life of a girl is worthless and is forcibly married before the age of 18. As a result, many have children at an early age that they have to look after or both of them die in childbirth. In order to end these torments of the girls, the staff on site speak to the villagers that it is also better if you send the children to school so that they have a better future and where they can learn to defend themselves.